Selling Your Home

Are you putting thought into selling your house? Gail Hewett Real Estate is here to guide you through and help you learn the selling process, from the decision to sell to picking the best offer for you.

The Decision to Move On

Choosing to sell your home can sometimes be a tough decision to make. From family gatherings to many birthday parties, there can be many emotional memories attached to home. Selling your home should not be taken lightly, same with considering all the factors that go into putting your house on the market. This is where having a selling partner could be the thing that makes or breaks a deal. Gail Hewett Real Estate can help you decide on all the details of selling your home, as well as giving you the advice you need.

What Time is Best?

Timing is everything when it comes to selling your house, especially since the market is always changing. With Gail Hewett Real Estate, however, you can have the stress lifted from your shoulders. Gail Hewett Real Estate has all the information you could need for you to sell your house with peace of mind. From figuring out your strategy to finding the best price possible, you will have significantly less to worry about and consider with a little bit of good-natured assistance. Having Gail Hewett Real Estate as your selling partner means you will always know when it is the perfect time for you to sell.

Mary A of Glendale, CA
I have never found a harder working realtor than Gail. She listened carefully to our wants and needs and then proceeded to not only show us what we asked for but what she thought would benefit our search as well. She was educated about the areas and shared the pros and cons of each area we visited. She answered all of our questions in a timely manner and sought out answers if she was unsure. She was open and honest at all times and presented us with information about each property we viewed. The bonus was her commercial knowledge as well;it opened our eyes to all new CDA possibilities. Gail’s expertise and knowledge in the real estate arena is priceless we have put all of our real estate needs in her hands….
Mary A of Glendale, CA